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Dr. Amy Crowe

The right addition to your healthcare team

"I love to partner with patients to get them out of pain and back to a thriving life. My treatment plans combine in-office care with home recommendations to help your body heal and wellness care schedules to keep you feeling your best."

Amy Crowe, D.C.


Rachel B.

Dr. Amy took the time to listen to me and explain her thoughts. I feel significantly better after just ONE appointment.

Friends Talking Outside

Misty H.

Dr. Amy...took extended time needed for the necessary adjustments (I really enjoyed the attention she gave to the muscles), educated me, and gave me practical things to incorporate to help my body feel it's best. What a gift!

Friends Talking Outside

Leah M.

Another chiropractor had told me that a good adjustment would relieve some of the neuropathy pain. But after seeing 2 other chiropractors, I had gotten no relief. After my 2nd visit with Dr. Amy, the intense burning pain in my foot was so greatly relieved that I've hardly had it since! And that was 2 weeks ago! 

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