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Dr. Amy Crowe

As a business owner and homeschool mom, I know that life doesn't slow down for pain or sickness.

Mobile chiropractic care is the best way I've found to help women trade nagging pain for a vibrant life without interrupting their busy day.​

Amy Crowe, D.C.

Treatment Services

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I use traditional manual adjusting techniques as well as some tool-assisted techniques to ensure you get the most comfortable & effective care.


Muscle Therapies

To enhance your chiropractic experience, most treatment sessions include soft tissue therapy such as stretching and trigger point release.


Home Care Recommendations

Every treatment plan includes suggestions for things you can make between appointments to improve your response to care. Your health is in your hands.

These are the tools that will help your body heal, and I encourage you to schedule wellness care appointments to keep you feeling your best.

Rachel B.

Dr. Amy took the time to listen me and explain her thoughts. I feel significantly better after just ONE appointment. I’m confident that after some additional treatments I’ll be good as new.
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