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Give Summertime Burnout the Cold Shoulder

I love summer. I love sunshine, camping, disc golf, hiking, riding bikes, reading in a hammock under the trees, backyard BBQ's, swimming, and long days by the water.

I want to do all my favorite things! And my family wants to do all their favorite things. And housework still has to be done and my husband and kids still have to go to work and I have amazing patients to take care of...

My schedule can get packed pretty full.

Yours, too?

Can we prevent summertime burnout?

I think so. Actually, I think it's simple. It may not be easy, and that's okay because:

🫵🦹‍♀️ -- We can do hard things. -- 🤩💪

So how do we keep summertime burnout at bay?

Step One...Build a Time Machine.

Sure, some of these tips work best a few months ahead of time, but you can create a great plan for the rest of the summer by starting today. If you're already feeling overwhelmed by your schedule, decide right now to take control of the next 2 months. Get the most out of your summer by planning for fun AND rest.

1. Create Your Schedule

It's taken a long time for me to realize the beauty and value in having a schedule. Don't just wait for things to happen to you, and don't get trapped by committing to everything. There's no better way to miss out on greatness than to let your fear of missing out keep you from creating and sticking to a plan!

What's So Great About a Schedule?

  • Have everything you need for your planned activities

  • Take advantage of sales & discounts

  • Don't waste time planning on the day you want to be playing

  • Avoid stress

  • Share responsibilities

Sounds Great! How Do I Do It?

Add inflexible things to the calendar first: big work projects, kids’ practices & competitions, and holidays.

Know your needs and your limits. For you extraverts (I spell it that way, because y’all are definitely extra 😆), fill a lot of hours with friends and outings. If you’re more introverted like me, summer may take you out of your comfort zone (psst, that's healthy). Either way, make downtime a priority! Literally, write it on your calendar.

The Joneses and Their Instagram

Hearing about your neighbor's plans and scrolling through their photo dump could be a great way to get ideas for family fun. Do you ever get caught up in the excitement of their stories and start pining away for a similar trip of your own? It sounds so amazing, and you're pretty sure you can fit it into that week between 4th of July and your trip to see Grandma for her birthday 900 miles away!

Slow down, girl. Break out the calendar and figure out what your life looks like.

🐢 🌫 🐢 🌫 🐢 🌫 🐢 🌫 🐢 🌫

2. Decide What You Really Want

Whether you're you a family of go-getters that thrives on activity or you're more on the introverted side, overcommitting happens to all of us.

Should your family have exciting experiences and fun times together? Of course! But you don't have to say yes to everything, and you don't have to make every day magical to have a fantastic summer.

So what does your family really want? Sit together and brainstorm all the things you might like to do. From small wants to big goals, write them down. Discuss each one. Research them. How much time will it take? How far away do you have to go? What would it cost? If your kids are old enough, give them some of the responsibility for this!

Once plans are made, reassess as you go. Ask "Is this building the life we want?" If it is, even if it's hard, it's probably worth it. If what you're doing doesn't align with what you value, switch gears.

3. Share the Load

At work and at home, everyone is out of their routine during the summer. You may need to make more trips to the grocery store, find new business-building events, or be in 2 places at once. What a great time to practice asking for and accepting help!

Your family can plan some meals and make a shopping list; that Facebook group probably has a thread about upcoming networking events; and your friend would be happy to drive your kiddo to practice. Let them show you the same love you’ve shown them all this time.

4. Don't Take the Tour Guide Job

You don't have to entertain your kids all summer!

If you're feeling busy and burned out, how can your children possibly be bored?? I think this has 2 root causes.

The first is a sense of being disconnected. Take advantage of the summer to deepen the bond in your family. Even older kids crave our attention, so make time to see and hear them while you have them to yourselves. If activities are keeping you too busy to bond, it's time to thin your schedule. Sometimes you have to say no to good things to say yes to great things.

The second thing that breeds summer boredom is that, during school, your child's day is so structured about what to do, when, how, and why that they forget how to fill their own time. Boredom helps develop creativity and teach patience. Let them feel bored!

Provide a Loose Structure

Assign some chores and give your kids a guide. For example, my teens have to read for 30 minutes, make music, get some exercise, clean for 15 minutes, read their Bible, and express gratitude for 3 things before any screentime on days that we’re at home. They don't dislike doing these things, but the list reminds them of that. It's not perfect, but it is helpful for all of us.

5. Keep Up with Self Care

It may look very different, but make time to keep yourself in good working order. Don’t let physical, spiritual, or emotional drain be your summertime norm.

Sleep & rest

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

Eat real food


Gather with your church family

Keep your chiropractic, dental, and

medical appointments

In a nutshell, don't feel obligated to do it all. Let your schedule be determined by what you value. Make time to work, play, and rest; it's a plan that's effective all year long!

Let Me Help

I love to help women like you fit self-care into their full schedule through mobile chiropractic services. No packing up, no commute, no waiting room. Just quality chiropractic care in the comfort and convenience of your own home.

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