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10-Minute Morning Movement for Low Back Pain

A couple of weeks ago, I was waking up in the morning, having to push myself up with my hands and literally roll off the bed. Chiropractic adjustments? YES! Chiropractic care is very effective, and it works even better and faster when paired with stretching & strengthening.

Here's the morning movement program I started that had me back to normal in 3 days.

BIG NOTE: Stretching is good; fatigue can be good. Pain during any exercise is an indication to STOP and find out more. Pain is a signal that something is wrong; that's why we use examination and therapy to fix it, rather than jump straight to medication to mask it.


Start with your forearms against the wall and feet 8-12 inches from the wall so you are leaning slightly forward. Then slide your arms up, bending at your waist and maintaining a neutral spine. Hold 6-8 seconds, repeat 3 times.


(Slight difference from picture) Stand with the wall to your side and your feet 6-8 inches from the wall. Raise your arm and place back of your hand against the wall. Glide your hand upward, allowing your hips to move toward the wall until you feel a stretch in the side of your low back. Hold 6-8 seconds, repeat 3 times.


Lie on your mat on your forearms. Tighten your abdominal muscles (think of pulling your belly button towards the ceiling by contracting your muscles, not sucking in your belly) to lift your hips off the floor, using your toes and forearms for support (beginner). Hold this position until fatigued, then rest in child pose (see below) and repeat again for the same length of time. Add 15 seconds each week.

For a greater challenge, use toes instead of knees (pictured) or extend your elbows and rest on your palms rather than forearms.


Start on hands & knees with your shoulders and hips at 90 degrees; your elbows should be straight, but not hyperextended.  Relax your legs & feet.

As you exhale, round your back, tucking your tailbone down & into flexion, and release your head downward.  

Now inhale as you extend your spine, bringing your the lower angle of your shoulder blades together. Draw the shoulders away from the ears, lift the head, and turn the tailbone skyward.

Alignment: Keep the shoulders over the wrists at all times; there is a tendency to shift the body backwards, especially during cow.


Start on hands & knees with your shoulders and hips at 90 degrees. Keeping a neutral spine and neutral pelvis ("flat back"), extend one hip at a time until the knee is straight and the leg is in line with your back (this model has her leg too high). Return to start position, just tapping the floor with your toe. Repeat until fatigued, then do another 5-10 reps. Repeat for the other leg. Add 10-20 reps each week.

For more challenge, lift the opposite arm as you extend each leg.


This is my go-to stretch for finishing a workout, relieving stress, and calming my mind!

Start from the hands & knees position again, with knees about shoulder width apart. Slowly lower your buttocks towards your feet until a stretch is felt along your back and/or buttocks.

Did you try these exercises? Leave a comment and let me know how it went.

If you still feel stuck with nagging pain or discouraged, thinking you'll just have to live with it forever, I would love to talk to you about the benefits of chiropractic treatment.

*I serve women on the Missouri side of the Kansas City metro in their own home or office.*

Schedule your free 15-minute consult call today. At the top of the page, under the "More" tab, click "Request a Consultation" or call/text 816-405-2532.

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