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5 Tips for Healthy Eating

I'm not a complicated person; I like things simple & straightforward. That goes for everything from clothing to business to living a healthy lifestyle, and that's why my top 5 tips for nourishing your body with food are nothing fancy.

  1. Go for color: Foods get their color from the elements that they're made of. Essentially, if you're eating a wide variety of colors, you're getting a wide variety of nutrients. If you're interested in learning more about what colors are connected with which compounds, here's a great summary article I found from North Dakota State University.

  2. Shop the perimeter: Unprocessed foods (foods that are closest to their natural, whole state & provide the highest amount and best quality nutrients) are perishable. They need refrigeration, which requires electricity, and that's why they're found along the outer walls of the grocery store. Spend most of your time and money on foods that are FOOD, not just things that are edible! *This doesn't account for fermented foods, which are extremely beneficial and are also shelf stable, but that's a topic that deserves its own article. :D

  3. Pre-cut your veggies: This tip has been successful, not just for me, but also for our kids. People love convenience. When you bring home that basket of fresh veggies, make them more appealing by taking a few minutes to cut them up right away, so they're as easy to grab as a bag of chips when you're needing a quick snack. Bonus tip: try a hummus dip.

  4. Watch your language: Okay, maybe you need to stop swearing at the healthy foods you put on your plate, but that's not exactly what I mean. Our inner dialog trains us to view things in a certain way. If you "can't" have cake and you "have to" eat salad and you live by the mantra "a moment on the lips, forever on the hips," you're reinforcing the ideas that junk food is desirable but off limits (and guilt-inducing); healthy food is a boring requirement; and that your size and shape are worth every sacrifice of mental and physical pleasure. So let's reimagine & rephrase here. You are in control! "I'm building a strong body. I'm choosing this salad, because it helps me poop regularly. I'll take the salmon, because the omega-3's are great for my joints, and I want to feel great when I'm old." Mindset and inner dialog are HUGE parts of a healthy, happy life. I should pencil that in for another blog post...

  5. junk food. Surprising? Gimmicky? Hear me out. When our kids were in elementary school, their P.E. teacher practiced "Junk Food Friday," and I've loved the idea ever since. Some people might call this a "cheat day." But have you ever viewed "cheating" in a positive light? Me neither. So I like "Junk Food Friday," because it sounds more like a celebration, and that's partly what it is. It says "I feel good about my choices; I feel good about how I've fed my body; and I want to enjoy some cheesecake." There have been plenty of times at the store when the jalapeno chips and peanut butter cookies were calling my name, but I reminded myself that I wanted to nourish my body *most of the time* and that I could grab them on Friday. Friday is always just a few days away.

I hope these suggestions are helpful to you on your journey toward building a healthy and vibrant life. Which is your favorite? Do you disagree with anything? Drop a comment! If you're in the Kansas City metro area and you'd like to learn about adding mobile chiropractic care to your healthy lifestyle, you can contact me here. Free 15-minute phone consults are available!

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