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Can a chiropractor help with a pinched nerve?

You were wrestling with your toddler over the weekend and tweaked your neck a little bit. You put a hot pad on it, did a little stretching, maybe took some pain medicine. By the time you got to work on Monday, you had aching pain down your arm, tingling fingers, and it was hard to type.

Or maybe you spent a fantastic day at the amusement park, but then woke up with symptoms similar to the wrestling parent's. Maybe you were in a car crash, and since then you've had burning pain in the back of your leg and numbness in your foot.

Let's learn a little anatomy to find out where this kind of pain comes from.

Your spinal cord is protectively housed inside your vertebral column, and it splits into nerve roots at the level of each vertebra. These roots continue to branch into smaller and smaller nerves, creating a vast communication network with every part of your body.

Along the way, nerves meander between muscle, bone, fascia, ligaments, fat, and organs. Most of the time, everything fits nicely, but due to injury, illness, or lifestyle, nerves can become crowded by these tissues or, more often, by inflammation when these tissues aren't healthy.

When your tiny titan tackles you over your shoulder, or you're thrilled by all those coasters, or your body absorbs the forces of a car wreck, a variety of tissues can been affected.

Inflammation and irregular or restricted joint motion can irritate delicate nerves. While chiropractic care isn't always the solution, these are issues a chiropractor can help with! In fact, these are issues we help with everyday.

Chiropractic care is more than popping your back. First, it involves a thorough exam to look for warning signs that require medical intervention and to get a good understanding of your condition. Chiropractic treatment involves stretching & strengthening muscles, improving poor joint motion, education about how to reduce inflammation, and recommendations on how to improve your overall health.

Try chiropractic care to get to the root cause of your pain.


Dr. Amy Crowe provides chiropractic care to women in their own homes on the Missouri side of the Kansas City metro.

Text/call 816-405-2532

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