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How I Finally Took Control of My Health After 40 Years...and How You Can Do It Quicker

I didn't become a chiropractor because I loved it, and I don't have a chiropractic miracle story like a lot of chiropractors do. I wasn't a health nut or a budding entrepreneur, but whether you make a decision or not, life keeps moving forward. Either you move with it, or you get dragged along. This is the story of how I went from a fearful, insecure young perfectionist to a hopeful, surprisingly capable adult who's willing to keep moving forward toward better health and a more vibrant life.

Growing up, I didn't have great examples of a healthy lifestyle. My father used alcohol to manage deep hurts from his past. My mother worked a factory job and was always exhausted. She cooked a lot of homemade meals, but she also tried almost every diet & nutrition fad that hit the market, and I never saw her exercise. I didn't learn to take care of my body or to tackle the hard parts of life with hope & confidence.

Kids (and adults) learn a lot by example, but another way we learn about ourselves and about life is by trying new things. I didn't want to do that. I didn't want people to see me make mistakes, and I didn't want to let myself down, so I never tried to stretch the boundaries of my comfort zone. I missed out on opportunities to learn that I was stronger than I knew and that failure is usually just not that big a deal.

I thought other kids who had the energy & confidence to

🚴‍♀️play and

⛹️‍♀️compete in sports and

🙋‍♀️raise their hands in class and

🎸perform in the talent show...

did those things because that's just the kind of kids they were. I didn't know that they were trying & failing, learning that winning the race at recess or becoming the quiz bowl champion isn't the point. The point is to do your best, to be brave, and to learn how to fail forward and create a thriving future. 🤯🧠

Fast forward to the end of high school. One day our family chiropractor, who'd known me for about 10 years, asked my mom what I was studying. I had already enrolled in college because, at that time, it was the only option anyone really talked about. Plus, school was familiar. I knew what was expected and how to go with the flow.

"She's not sure," my mother replied.

"She should be a chiropractor!" Dr. Silvey excitedly suggested, and the next thing I knew, I'd finished college with a bachelor's in human biology, enrolled in chiropractic school, and moved to Kansas City. I had experienced chiropractic care since I was small, but I didn't LOVE it yet. I just fell into it.

I truly did enjoy learning about the human body, and I still do! 👀🤩 From the miracle of 2 tiny cells becoming a whole, unique person to how our bodies recognize & attack disease organisms and repair broken is absolutely fascinating!

👩‍⚕️During chiropractic college, just like my earlier school years, I was always part of the nerdy crowd. I never thought I belonged with those smart, quick-witted kids, though, and in chiropractic school the nerdy kids weren't just smart; they were athletic, too! They thrived on challenging their bodies with exercise and mastering balance and muscular control. I thought everyone around me was more fit, remembered lessons more easily, and was better at adjusting than I was; I still thought that's just how other people were made.

After graduation, my friends went on to open offices or work for other chiropractors, but I was terrified and paralyzed by self-doubt. I didn't know enough; I wasn't good enough; I couldn't do the job. So for 4 years, I stayed home with our babies, who had started arriving as I approached graduation. Then, feeling miserable about wasting my education and pressured by mountains of school debt, I made a bad investment and purchased a dying practice with no hope of reviving it, because I didn't know anything about business either (that part was actually true!). It closed within a year: proof that I didn't have what it takes.

For the next decade, I was a stay-at-home mom as our family grew to 5 children. It was overwhelming, but it felt more doable than practicing again. I gave 100% of my time and energy to them; I didn't eat well or exercise; I stayed up late to get time to myself. I didn't communicate my needs to my husband, and I didn't make time for friendships, because friendships are work, and I didn't have anything left to give.

Eventually, our youngest kiddo enrolled in kindergarten, and I started looking for an opportunity to practice again. If it was scary before, it was petrifying now! A friend from chiropractic school introduced me to a wonderful group of women chiropractors who believed in my abilities and took the time to mentor and encourage me.

Slowly, as I started re-building my chiropractic skills, I also started building healthy habits: focusing on what I put into my body and how I used my body. It hasn't been a linear path, and my health adventure is still unfolding. I've learned to persevere, to give myself grace, and to strive for consistency rather than perfection. Those healthy habits are the backbone of what I teach people about health: food & hydration, movement, rest, mindset, and your environment.

Family hike at Elephant Rocks State Park

For 5 years, I've been serving women in Kansas City through mobile chiropractic care: providing hands-on healing treatment and sharing what I know about the body and healthy habits.

I didn't become a chiropractor because I loved chiropractic, but God had a plan, even when I couldn't see it. He used this journey to bring me better health, greater confidence, more courage, deeper hope, and a life in balance. I love what I do, and my vision is for all women to lead vibrant, balanced, healthy lives.

It took me 40 years to learn that I didn't have to stay stuck in physical and emotional overwhelm (fight or flight), but it doesn't have to take you that long. Join me in the Lifeway Chiropractic family, and let's pursue peace, health, and strength together.

Get started today by downloading my free guide, "What's Your One?" It will walk you through a series of questions to help you decide which healthy habit is your best opportunity to start taking control of your health for good. Click here to request the most unique health & fitness guide you've ever seen and get started on your own imperfect path toward a vibrant life.

Dr. Amy Crowe

Lifeway Chiropractic


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